This page goes out to one of my childhood heroes: Bob Barker, who is known to be one of the television kings for being host of America’s #1-rated show in television history: The Price is Right.
I can recall my own mother telling me in the past that I never watched cartoons. She said, “All you wanted to watch was Bob Barker.” I still smile to that fact today, as I loved The Price is Right as a young kid, in which that if I were onstage with Bob right now, he’s probably call me “a loyal fan and true,” which is a true fact because when I went to school, I’d have my grandfather tape the show for me, and I’d watch it as soon as I get home. He is one of the best hosts I have ever seen on chinese tv box.
While growing up, I learned of another show he had hosted in previous years before hosting The Price is Right, first hosted by Bill Cullen. My mom told me of Bob hosting Truth or Consequences, which was probably just about the only game show she ever watched. She also told me of a lady contestant having a chance to win a luxury automobile, only it was torn apart. The contestant would have one week to put it together, and the car had to start. The contestant would also have a professional mechanic showing her how to assemble the car, only he couldn’t touch anything, only the contestant had to do it. Hard to believe, she got the thing to start and she won the car!
Bob, I know is an animal rights person, and has been since 1979 according to Wikipedia. For all you fans of The Price is Right out there, you all know of Bob saying, “Bob Barker reminding you to help control the pet population. Have your pets spayed or neutered.” He would also bring pets from a local animal shelter on the show on many occasions, introducing them. His mother, and his wife (the late Dorothy Jo Gideon) got him involved in the rights, and when he did, he requested that The Price is Right not have anymore to do with furs or anything that involved animals. And also, stamps were included on the address to mail a request for tickets to The Price is Right, with a cat or dog on the stamp. Also, Alex Trebek’s popular Q&A show Jeopardy! provided the same stamps as a Final Jeopardy! question in a segment of Jeopardy! in the early 2000s.
Barker has also made appearances on other shows as well. He did Emmy Awards in NYC (with Dick Clark as the taxi cab driver in the intro), appeared on Bert Convy’s Tattletales with Dorothy Jo, and made appearances on Match Game when Richard Dawson left for Family Feud from 1977 to 1985. Barker, the late Rod Roddy and the 3 models whom I have presently forgotten also made a week-long appearance on Ray Combs’ version of Family Feud, playing againstThe Young & the Restless, which TPIR’94 host, Doug Davidson was a part of. I have a video of TPIR playing Fast Money on YouTube at this present time.
And folks, I have been seeing comments going around on YouTube about Bob Barker passing away (I’ve been seeing “RIP Bob Barker” on there). Folks, I must stress this out to you. I have been a loyal fan of Bob Barker from the very beginning of my life, and right now, my sources, including the ones at Wikipedia, what they’re saying is true. Bob Barker hasn’t died. He’s just retired, and even though I do miss him as host, I respect his decision in every way. Now, The Price is Right since 2007 has been hosted by Drew Carey from Power of 10, Whose Line is it Anyway?, and The Drew Carey Show. I know Price has changed since Bob has left, like the FremantleMedia logo appearing twice in the credits, the set, the music, and Drew may have a different hosting style, but there’s one thing for sure. He is no Bob Barker, and he admits and we all admit he will NEVER be another Bob Barker, but he said that if Bob didn’t like him for Price, he wouldn’t have gone on, but Drew did get the right praise from Bob, and Bob gave him the same advice he was given from Ralph Edwards when he began Truth or Consequences.
And aired on April 16th, 2009, Bob Barker returned to the stage of The Price is Right to promote his new book, Priceless Memories, which funds go to the DJ&T Foundation, which helps animals out. DJ&T standing for his late wife, Dorothy Jo and mother Tillie. According to sources, his appearance was delayed when Drew Carey suffered pneumonia, and when the show was taped, applause for Bob lasted for so long, taping stopped and the program was edited on the taping date, prior to its airing on April 16th, 2009. The full episode to this can be found on YouTube.
In my respects and well wishes for Mr. Barker in his retirement, I offer this photo slideshow of him that I created myself. I give photo credits of finding them toGoogle Image Search and whoever provided them, and the music here is prize cues from The Price is Right, credit of which goes to Eric Hjelm on his website, found HERE

Bob, my best wishes and luck to you in your retirement. You are one of the best childhood heroes I’ve ever had, and I, like every other fan of The Price is Right, am going to miss you dearly. Happy retirement to you, Bob.